Torque Chart For Bolts

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A simple chart to determine the torque and preload values for 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 class.


How to read the torque values in the chart

There are some aspects to take into consideration before reading this torque chart for bolts, in fact it must be taken into account that the values indicated are 90% of the yield point. Considering that torque tightening usually does not exceed 70%, approximately 20% less should be calculated to get an indication of the actual tightening values.


Torque Chart For Bolts From M14 to M100

torque chart for bolts


Torque Chart For Smaller Bolts

THREAD A/F 8.8 10.9 12.9
M6 10mm 9,5 Nm 14 Nm 16 Nm
M8 13mm 23 Nm 34 Nm 40 Nm
M10 17mm 46 Nm 67 Nm 79 Nm
M12 19mm 79 Nm 116 Nm 136 Nm


Standard To Metric Bolt Conversion 

1/4 M6
5/16 M8
3/8 10
1/2 M12
5/8 M16
3/4 M20
7/8 M22
1 M24
1.1/8 M27
1.1/4 M30
1.3/8 M33
1.1/2 M36
1.3/4 M42
2 M48


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